Green Roofing- Its Advantages

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February 11, 2016
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The world’s policies at the moment are geared towards saving the environment, and Calgary roofing is not an exception. Traditional roofing is designed such that it sheds water very fast from the surface. On the contrary, green roofing aims to hold a lot of water to the roof surface. By keeping water on the ceiling, it increases maintenance cost by up to 50% because it makes it more difficult. So, why would one consider building a green roof?

What is green roofing?

A green roof offers a base top structure in which plants can grow. The technology is doing well in Germany and other countries too. The roof is built in layers; each with a particular function. The bottom layer is placed on the substrate, and it waterproofs the building. There is a drainage layer which is added to allow the water to evacuate. The roof’s protection layer prevents the plants from puncturing the waterproof membrane, which may cause leaks. The bottom layer is usually the growing medium in which plant growth thrives. It is divided into three groups; the intensive, extensive and bio diverse.


Intensive green roofing

Park and garden roofs are constructed using this technology. The category of green roofing allows for a wide array of plant growth such as flowers, shrubs and even trees. The growing medium is about 150-400mm deep. It pushes the weight per square meter to about 180 to 500 kilograms. Thus it requires a strong structure to support it.


Extensive green roofing

It is also known as Eco roofing, for more information, you can talk to Epicroofing. It also promotes the growth of herbs, mosses, and grasses. The growing medium is quite shallow, being about 60 to 200mm thick. The weight of plant material ranges between 60-150 kilograms per square meter. This kind of roofing is appropriate in places where there is minimal human foot traffic. It is the cheapest to install.


Biodiverse Green roofing

Such roofing is left alone to reproduce a natural ecosystem. Soil levels on the surface are varied to allow for a broad range of various habitats for different species. They allow local plants and windswept seeds to grow. Bio diverse roofing is usually designed to provide a habitat for threatened species.

Benefits to the building

Green roofing turns an unattractive urban roof into new cool roofing, which is impressive to look at. With the aesthetic value added, living roofs offer a broad range of financial advantages. The waterproof membranes are regularly subjected to Ultra Violet light. The growing medium provides protection to the ceiling from the ultraviolet rays. This may double the lifespan of a roof. Also, it offers a thermal layer that aids in keeping the building cool during summer and warmer during winter. Planners and county officers have realized the benefits of green roofing and they encourage the residents to try it out.

Modern roofing materials have offered a lighter and easy to maintain the option for eco roofing. Module trays and light weight trays have allowed for localized maintenance without having to tear the entire roof apart. Considering the numerous environmental and financial benefits of green roofing, people ought to embrace green roofing.

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