The hunt for the 8th Planet!

BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! My phone alarm went off and I barely opened my eyes, still asleep. Unable to getup from bed I thought to myself  “may be I should try this tmr”, but somehow I knew if I didn’t get up then I’ll regret it later. I removed the curtains from the nearest window and saw several stars (clear sky), and that was enough to get me up from bed. I got my stuff together in the next half hour, hopped in the car and drove to DRAO. Wow! it’s the earliest I’ve ever been to work! I got off the car and saw the Big Dish (26m radio telescope at DRAO) slowly moving along the meridian faithfully carrying out the scans I scheduled last day. Just to the side of the dish in the southern sky I saw the gibbous Moon, and Huh! the object I wanted to see, which would lead me to the object that I really wanted to see.

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