Astronomy Kit

The Astronomy Kit is a fascinating teaching tool, containing materials and activities that are geared to specific grade levels and board curricula across Canada.

The Kits include resource links and lists, do-it-yourself sundials, StarFinders, Canadian Space Agency posters, and a host of other goodies that will get children and youth excited about astronomy. They will be tested during the early part of 2009, and teacher training workshops will ensure that they are used to maximum benefit. The kits will continue to be available after 2009, and will be a valuable classroom resource for years to come.

We expect that the Galileoscope  will be an exciting part of each Astronomy Kit. The Scopes can be assembled and reassembled, providing a fascinating hands-on lesson in optics before they are even trained at the night sky. An IYA team in the United States is developing the Scopes; watch our monthly Newsletters for up-to-date information.