Galileo Lecture Series

During 2009, the International Year of Astronomy, ten of Canada’s most active and articulate leading researchers will be available for high-impact public lectures on topics of forefront astrophysics. Two goals for the GLS are to introduce the excitement and reach of modern astrophysics to non-traditional audiences and to provide a legacy for the host and the greater community.

Applications for a Galileo Lecturer will be ranked, in part, on the degree to which the planned event can be woven into a broader cultural setting. To ensure that the lecture itself can reach an even greater audience, a host must commit to audio recording the event for later distribution in a podcast.

Applicants may include any organization which submits a credible proposal, including (but not limited to) universities, science centres, non-profits and astronomy groups. We encourage the leveraging of existing funds such as those associated with established (possibly named) lecture series. We also actively encourage smaller venues to combine resources with other potential partners in their vicinities to jointly submit an application for a Galileo Lecturer.